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Some feedback I've received:

Dear Madam..

I am immensely grateful to your teachings. I have now started learning piano (at 54 !) and really finding your lessons very useful. I have progressed quite well.

Thank you very much !

Best regards Ganesh
Mumbai, India

Good Morning,
I was looking for a color picture of Vivaldi for my K-1 kids. I happened to find this website with music clips from Vivaldi's Seasons piece. I am excited to share with my kids this website and pieces that are found here. I think our kids get too much of Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, and the other music out there, that some calm, peaceful, music is a change. My kids love to listen to pieces without lyrics. Thanks for your time and effort on this website to help people such as myself bring quality music into our classrooms.

Thanks again,
Sheryl Wagenseller
K-1 Music Teacher

I just want to thank you for your website and the information you provide. I am homeschooling and will using your website to cover my music curriculum. I have also shared it with many other Australian HS families via facebook. You have given us a wonderful and free resource.


Hi, I stumbled on your site and I'm impressed. I also studied piano for many, many years but allowed it to go by the wayside when I started my working career. I'm now a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, and have taken it up again, playing for church and community events.

Thank-you for a site like this, because even though I know how to play piano you have given some interesting ideas that I will use in teaching my daughters. Thanks!


Hi Maria, it was nice to see someone teaching piano lessons. I have picked up a little here and there to learn play piano. It's very sad to see the piano players coming just when they pls. at church, and this is the main reason that I'm trying to learn, even though now I'm helping to play piano, when needed, with the little bit that I know. Thank you for the good work. I'm late 50's but I feel no age to learn.
Sarah (as everyone call me at church)

I'm very grateful for your piano lessons online. I sent my 5-year old girl to a piano school, but the instructor said he can only teach her during long vacation. I combed the net and found your site. Now my daughter is not the only one learning the piano but me as well, and I love the way you explain things. I thought it was very difficult but you have shown me is not. I am very thankful. Please keep the good work and God richly bless you and increase you.
lots of love,

Hello, Maria

Thank you so much for your piano lessons online. I hope your ears are not too painful so that you can go on with this great job. I must say that I'm almost fifty but the way you explain how to play the piano is simple and clear and I couln\'t help trying your melodies. Now I'm eager for more lessons. Take care.
Isabelle from France.

Thank you so much for your lessons. I'm a very big child learner and your scheme of learning chords is very clear and easy to follow.