Piano lesson: Old McDonald Had a Farm

First, watch this video to learn in a simple way how to play the melody line (right hand) of Old McDonald Had a Farm.

In the video below I teach how to play the left hand for "Old McDonald Had a Farm." Basically, I show what chords you can play. We use the chords of F major, B flat major, and C major. I also show two other, simpler ways to play the left hand if playing the full chords is too difficult. I show how to play two notes or just one note at a time in the left hand. Use the sheet music below on this page.

In the third video, I go through the notes for the melody - it is basically music theory: what notes there are in the song, and how long they are (duration), such as quarter notes, half notes, and eigth notes.

Here is a printable sheet music (PDF file) for the song "Old McDonald Had a Farm". It has notes, chord symbols, and the lyrics. Use it while studying these lessons.
Click the image of the sheet music to open/save/print it →

I also have sheet music for more complex versions of this song (with more chords, with piano accompaniment, etc.).

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I hope you liked the song/lesson!

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